The Capital Area Business Academic Librarians (CABAL) group was created in 2015. Our purpose is to provide academic librarians in our geographic area with opportunities to collaborate on, learn about, and share business discipline focused resources and services.  CABAL meets approximately four times per year, with both virtual and regionally-rotating in-person meetings.

2018-2019 CABAL Officers:

  • Chair: Jo Ann Henson, George Mason University
  • Vice Chair: Shmuel Ben-Gad, George Washington University
  • Secretary: Sara Hess, University of Virginia
  • Past chair: Tommy Waters, Howard University


Communication Committee: Natalie Burclaff (chair), Sara Hess, Miriam Bridges, Chris Anglim

Education Committee: Shana Gass (chair), Simmona Simmons, Amanda Click, Jo Ann Henson

Collection Development Committee: Jennifer Boettcher (Chair), Regina Rose, Shmuel Ben-Gad

List of members